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The 411 on beauty sleep

How does sleep affect your skin?

We all fall victim to lack of sleep; catching up on binge worthy TV instead of quality zzz’s. But it’s important not to sacrifice a good night sleep, as it negatively affects our mind, body, and appearance. That’s right, “beauty sleep” is more than just a cute phrase; getting a deep restful sleep is essential to maintaining young, flawless skin.

While you’re awake your skin is constantly under attack, trying it’s best to fight off UV rays and free radicals. By the end of the day your skin needs a break; a time to relax, de-stress and rejuvenate. A good night’s sleep is essential to skin cell recovery and a lack thereof can increase cortisol levels and decrease collagen production. Thus, your skin may become more prone to breakouts, and show accelerated signs of aging. Applying Retinol Reface™ before bed can mitigate these effects and help clear your skin of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

Sleep directly effects your skins complexion. While you’re fast asleep, your blood flow increases to the skin surrounding your face. This means, that after a long restful sleep you’ll not only wake up feeling good, but looking good too – with healthier, glowing skin. But this really needs no explanation, as we’ve all experienced those rough mornings after a late night out. Recall staring painfully into the bathroom mirror at a dull, lifeless complexion and dark, puffy eyes? Just a pea-sized amount of overnight Pepta-bright™ will resurrect those gloomy mornings, waking up your skin and brightening up your day. But while Pepta-bright™ does a lot, it doesn’t do it all. For the complete beauty sleep experience, dab on a little Eysilix II™ around your eyes the following morning and Hydraluron™ Moisture Serum on your face to illuminate and de-puff those tired eyes and plump up your skin.

Beauty sleep is important, and lack thereof will wreak havoc on your skin. So, take advantage of all the shut-eye you can and use necessary nighttime skin care products to mimic the effects of a good night’s sleep.

Here are some tips to improve your sleep:
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and other chemicals that interfere with sleep
  • Turn your bedroom into a sleep-inducing environment
  • Establish a soothing pre-sleep routine
  • Don't be a nighttime clock-watcher
  • Nap early – or not at all
  • Exercise early
  • Lighten up on evening meals

Beauty sleep or not, Indeed Labs™ will ensure you look refreshed and beautiful for the days ahead.