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phthalate-free sulfate-free paraben-free fragrance-free colorant-free free from drying alcohols mineral oil-free not tested on animals vegan


Soothing Cream for Sensitive Skin

An intensive healing cream that repairs and revitalizes sensitive, irritated and distressed skin, while providing essential nourishment, comfort, and hydration. Packed with a high concentration of 10 of nature’s most powerful healing ingredients including Arnica Extract, Honey Extract, Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly Extract, Bisabolol, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Baobab Seed Oil, and Buriti Oil; 10balm™ tackles a common skin concern – sensitivity. Combining the perfect blend of science and nature, it supports the suppleness and natural renewal process of the skin – to hydrate, smooth and calm.

Size: 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

(25 customer reviews)

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How to Use

Apply liberally to the face or to the affected skin area. Use as often as needed to restore skin back to a perfect 10.


  • 10 of nature’s most powerful soothing and calming ingredients blended into one unique formula
  • Provides skin softness and comfort
  • Hydrates skin
  • Relieves itching due to dry skin
  • Replenishes and protects skin’s moisture barrier

Key Ingredients

Honey Extract: A natural hydro-regulating complex used to soothe, smooth and moisturize the skin.

Propolis Extract: An ancient healer known to help with the healing process.

Pollen Extract: Contains minerals, vitamins, proteins and more for healthy, glowing skin.

Royal Jelly Extract: One of the most powerful nutrients to fight against aging and inflammatory skin conditions. It contains 17 amino acids and is full of B vitamins.

Bisabolol: A natural powerful remedy for very sensitive and easily irritated skin. It helps to address dehydration, sensitivity, sebum oxidation control, premature aging and skin discolouration.

Arnica Extract: Has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help those with inflammatory skin disorders. It stimulates the forming of granular tissues to accelerate the skin healing process. Arnica can be used on bruises, sunburns and minor burns.

Allantoin: Helps to rebuild the skin from the inside out by stimulating cell turnover.

Vitamin E: Protects cell membranes from damage (lipid peroxidation) caused by oxygen free radicals and prevents sun-inflicted premature aging of the skin.

Baobab Seed Oil: The ultimate skin protector thanks to its nourishing powers.

Buriti Oil: High in beta-carotene and contains vitamin C to help rebuild collagen.


(25 customer reviews)

25 reviews for 10balm

  1. Rachel Hodgson


    Age: 30-39

    Skin Type: Combination

    Describe Yourself: Beauty Enthusiast

    Saved my skin for summer!

    I just have to say, after trying EVERYTHING ELSE, 10 balm has started to help me repair my sensitised, stressed out skin. I could cry. I thought summer would be awful and I was dreading summer clothes but this is TWO DAYS use. I have ordered the body cream but have been using the facial balm everywhere. Thank you. What a wonder product.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  2. Sarah (verified owner)


    Age: 20-29

    Skin Type: Other

    Describe Yourself: Newbie

    The only lotion I can safely apply to my face

    Of all my life and the many products I've tried. This is the ONLY one that moisturizes enough and not break me out or cause a rash. I have very sensitive skin that dries out fast. I need to reapply this lotion many times a day. It's too bad the past year it's been out of stock so often 🙁 I try to spread my last bit out by mixing it with pure raw shea butter but while shea is great it feels and looks gross on my skin. If I run out of 10balm my face becomes angry. Please please increase production so those who need this lotion don't have to go without.

    Would I recommend this to a friend? Yes

  3. Cassandra

    Burlington, ON


    10-balm is my all-time favourite moisturizer… I've truly lost count on how many times I've repurchased it. It's perfect for all seasons and can be worn during the day (on its own or under makeup) or to bed. In my opinion, it's suitable for all skin types but is IDEAL for sensitive skin and acne-prone as it's very soothing. Beautiful product. 10/10!

  4. HollyA2

    Dallas, TX

    Works really well

    I have eczema on some of my fingers and I use 10balm to help soothe and hydrate these areas. It works really well to help calm my sensitive and irritated skin.

  5. Arlene B

    Wellington, PEI

    Skin has never felt so calm and soft

    My super reactive skin loves this cream. The changing seasons have always wreaked havoc on my skin. I found this product this winter and my skin has never felt so calm and soft. I have recommended it to a several friends and they love it as well!

  6. Anna

    Bournemouth, UK

    Kept me shine free

    Used it last year and it really helped to make my skin soothed and soft after recovering from rosacea, It also feels like a primer under make up – kept me shine free.

  7. Adam Segal

    Toronto, ON

    Been so happy with it!

    I just recently purchased this product and have been so happy with it! My skin has been terribly dry and sensitive since the winter began and I noticed just after one application that my skin felt calmer and moisturized. I'm so happy to have found this!

  8. ekhunter3 (verified owner)

    Guelph, ON

    Would recommend

    Really great product! I have tried many expensive products to fix my irritated and red skin, but this has been the most effective. Would recommend

  9. Antonia

    Toronto, ON


    I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER! I have really terrible eczema and was really suffering this past summer. My skin felt like it was burning and inflamed all the time and then it would heal over and start the cycle again. This cream is not too thick and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly, without leaving it greasy. I love this product along with the Hydralyron serum and Squalene oil!

  10. Cat

    Winnipeg, MB

    Moisturizes my skin perfectly

    I have always had trouble finding a face lotion that doesn't give my forehead an acne breakout, however this one is gentle enough to hydrate my skin without causing oiliness or breakouts. This lotion is super light and moisturizes my skin perfectly before I apply my makeup. It makes me feel comfortable and not at all greasy on a day to day basis!

  11. Jessalyn

    Toronto, ON

    So happy to have finally found this!

    I started getting eczema flare ups a couple years ago and I've tried everything but nothing has helped except straight up hydrocortisone cream which I didn't really want to continue to use on my face. I gave this cream a try and immediately noticed the irritation cool down. I've been using it for a couple weeks now all over my face and it works so good!! I am so happy to have finally found this!

  12. DL

    Toronto, ON

    Such a life-saver!

    This cream is such a life-saver! Not only does it soothe my dry skin, but I also put it on a really bad burn and it helped heal it and reduce irritation! Highly recommend

  13. DL

    Toronto, ON

    Super gentle

    Love this product! It's super gentle and helps to reduce dryness. I also used it on a really bad burn and it helped to heal it and reduce irritation. Such an amazing cream! Highly recommend!

  14. Lisa M.

    Toronto, ON


    BEST PRODUCT EVER…my 12 year old daughter started to use it and her face cleared up fast and is now fresh and so soft!!!! She refuses to use anything else. WE LOVE IT!!

  15. kp (verified owner)

    Montreal, QC

    Only wish it came in a larger format

    Obsessed w this, use it daily. Have struggled with cystic acne for years and this is the only product I've found that makes it go away completely. Only wish it came in a larger format so I didn't have to replace it monthly.

  16. Susan Burwash (verified owner)

    Edmonton, AB

    My HERO product!

    My HERO product! When I started using retinol this wonderful cream helped my sore skin. The balm soothes and calms it very fast. I kept it on my night stand as my cheeks would wake me up at night from being sensitive. I would put this on, probably to thick with it being the night, but was able to be soothed back to sleep. I will never be without this balm. The ingredients are sensational! I recommend this to anyone who has skin that gets angry. 🙂

  17. beth.mceachern (verified owner)

    Ottawa, ON

    Need this in your arsenal for any skin woes

    I use this product whenever my skin needs some TLC. I use this on my eyebrows after getting them waxed and it calms down the redness and irritation very quickly (my skin flares up a lot after waxing). You need this in your arsenal for any skin woes, and also if you are feeling like you need some extra soothing moisture after a facial treatment. 100% recommend!

  18. Kylina

    Calgary, AB

    This balm is my go-to

    I have dry, extremely sensitive and reactive skin and this balm is so soothing! I love that indeed products do not have fragrance, which usually irritates my skin. Whenever my skin gets "angry", this balm is my go-to

  19. Brenda Michaels

    Toronto, ON

    Soothes rashes and irritations.

    Feels great on my skin! soothes rashes and irritations.

  20. Henry L.

    Toronto, ON

    My skin felt soothed immediately

    My face was very irritated and inflamed from using a different product. A friend recommended this to me, and I was shocked at how well it worked. My rash was gone really fast, and my skin felt soothed immediately after I put this cream on. I have really sensitive skin, so i'll be keeping this around for when my skin acts up again.

  21. Stephanie Jones

    Phoenix, AZ

    My complexion is so much more fresh!

    This rich, gentle cream provides my skin w/ so much TLC! I can't believe I almost sent it back thinking it wouldn't work. I've been using it for 2 weeks now, in conjunction w my facewash, & my complexion is so much more fresh & alive than when I was using an expensive department store line.

  22. Kathy

    Phoenix, AZ

    Love this cream!

    I love this cream! I use it on my face and my body. It glides on easily and absorbs quickly. I am very sensitive to smells and this cream is definitely natural with no fragrances added and still smells good.

  23. Joanne Martire

    Toronto, ON

    Love this cream!

    Love love love this cream!

  24. Jacky D

    Toronto, ON

    Highly recommend

    Feels amazing on my skin and seriously reduces redness. highly recommend.

  25. Jessica L.

    Maple, ON


    This product is a life-saver! I've struggled with rosacea all my life, and have never been able to find a product that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin, yet still actively reduces my inflammation and calms the redness. I would highly recommend this product!

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