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phthalate-free sulfate-free paraben-free fragrance-free colourant-free free from drying alcohols mineral oil-free not tested on animals

eysilix II™

Multi-Action Eye Treatment

Eysilix II™, a newly updated and advanced version of our bestselling eye cream formula, that targets the delicate skin around the eyes to provide both preventative and restorative results to all your daily eye concerns. Formulated with the latest and most innovative peptides, ceramides, extracts and probiotics, this concentrated multifunctional eye cream helps address and reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark circles around the eye. Eysilix II™ nourishes, re-energizes and lifts the eye area to instantly reveal brighter, younger and smoother looking skin. Paraben, colourant and fragrance free.

Size: 0.5 fl oz/15 ml

(24 customer reviews)

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How to Use

After cleansing your face, gently pat a small amount of eysilix II™ around the contour of your eye. For best results, use daily in the morning and night.


  • Instantly smoothes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Brightens skin and minimizes the appearance of dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Improves skin’s firmness and elasticity around the eye
  • Fatigued and stressed skin looks visibly brighter and energized

Key Ingredients

NEODERMYL™: A pure source of bio-energy that can naturally diffuse into the skin to re-energize cells and trigger essential elements that produce collagen and elastin. This “needle-free” collagen and elastin filler reduces the visibility of deep wrinkles and improves skin firmness.
DERMAXYL®: An active that repairs the skin’s natural barrier function by stimulating cell communication to smooth wrinkles and age related damage.
UPLEVITY™ PEPTIDE SOLUTION: A tetra peptide that counteracts sagging and aging effects around the eye by increasing collagen production and functional elastin, allowing skin to resume its shape after being stretched or contracted. As a result, the layer beneath the skin (dermis) is significantly firmer and more structured to better resist effects of aging.
REVITAL-EYES: An invigorating complex rich in probiotics, green tea extract, pomegranate extract and caffeine. This active helps protect the eye area from environmental damage while diminishing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


(24 customer reviews)

24 reviews for eysilix II™

  1. Jill

    Newmarket, ON

    Works so well to reduce puffiness under the eyes!

    Amazing product!! It works so well to reduce puffiness under the eyes! It has the nicest texture and leaves my under eyes brighter and more radiant after each application. Highly recommend!

  2. Raelene McBride

    Caversham, Australia

    Eysilix II forever

    It's the only eye cream I have been able to use. I have tried high end, low end and everything in between and I ended up giving all of them to my cousin because they would sting my eyes. Eysilix ll has been my holy grail. I bought it swearing this was the last time I would try an eye cream. Not only did it not sting my eyes it has also been the only one to de-puff my eyes. You will now have to pry this from my cold dead hand to get me to give it up. Eysilix ll forever.

  3. Monique

    Winnipeg, MB

    The best eye cream I have ever used!

    Absolutely the best eye cream I have ever used!! Thus cream keeps my eyes soft and wrinkle free! No one believes my age! Indeed products really work!!

  4. Anna B

    Toronto, ON

    Finally a product that works!

    Love it !! I have sensitive skin and dark circles and it's been helping 🙂 finally a product that works!

  5. Andrea D

    Ajax, ON

    Actually depuffs and works!!!!

    A product that actually depuffs and works!!!! I apply at night and look refreshed in the Am even with 3-4 hrs of sleep! I LOVE this eye cream!!!

  6. Amanda

    Carluke, Scotland

    Pleased with the reduction of under-eye bags

    Assuming the British formulation is the same as the USA's: This is the first eye product I've used, so I haven't any comparisons.
    I use this first thing in the morning and initially found Eysilix II was quickly absorbed and felt drying. I contacted Indeed Labs U.S. Customer Service, who responded very promptly, saying I could use a tiny amount of moisturizer in addition to Eysilix. My eyes must have been really dry, but I found that after a week (and ensuring that I also used a night cream) I didn't need the extra moisturizer.
    I've been using Eysilix II for several months (a little goes a long way) and am pleased with the reduction of under-eye bags and above-eye hollows 🙂

  7. Kevin P

    Dearborn, MI

    Noticed the difference in reducing crow's feet

    Definitely noticed the difference in reducing crow's feet (I refuse to stop smiling, so this helps).

  8. Julie

    Toronto, ON

    Really loving this product

    As someone who has always struggled with dark under eye circles I'm really loving this product. I apply it under my eyes before I go to bed and I find my eyes are much less puffy and tired looking when I wake up, even after a restless night. I also really appreciate how it doesn't affect the application of my concealer. I would definitely recommend this product!

  9. Maria

    Toronto, ON

    Helps my concealer go on better and smoother

    I usually don't use any eye creams during day time because I find it affects the way that my concealer goes on (all gross and streaky). This product has changed the game for me ! I can finally wear an eye cream before putting on make up and it actually helps my concealer go on better and smoother. Love it!

  10. Laura

    Toronto, ON

    Eyes appear brighter

    I'm really loving this product!! As a nurse who works shift work, I struggle with dark, puffy circles around my eyes. Throughout the years, I have tried several eye creams that just didn't seem to make any difference in my appearance. I was recommended eysilix II from a friend, and I instantly fell in love with it. I apply it under and around my eyes every morning, and my skin immediately feels soothed and relaxed. My eyes appear brighter and definitely less puffy, even after a long night shift. This product is exactly what I have been looking for! 100% recommend!

  11. Caroline

    Toronto, ON

    Would highly recommend

    Such an amazing product! I use it every day, morning and night and I absolutely love it! I've tried a lot of eye creams before and have never really seen much of a difference under my eyes, and I'm so impressed with the change I've seen after starting to use this. It really helps with puffiness, and my favourite part about it is how hydrating and smooth it is. I don't feel it under my eyes for hours after like I used to with other creams. I would highly recommend!

  12. Trina Harany

    Newmarket, ON

    Has a light feel

    I am someone who has always struggled with under eye circles and have tried so many way to try and reduce the appearance of them. I have been using this product around the corners and under my eyes every morning after I wash my face and I'm finding it really helps to make my dark circles blend more with my overall skin appearance. It has a light feel to it which I also love!

  13. Kristina

    Winnipeg, MB

    Works great under concealer

    I love this eye cream. I'm 22 but starting to notice the start of fine lines around my eyes and wanted to just get a little more hydration in the area so i don't feel or look so tired. I found that most eye creams I tried were thick and heavy and i felt like I noticed them still sticky hours later – this product is the exact opposite – it's lightweight, absorbs quickly, and offers great hydration. Also works great under concealer because of that.

    I highly recommend!

  14. Marina

    Winnipeg, MB

    Such a great value!

    I am 47 years old and have extremely sensitive area around my eyes. I have finally found an amazing product that works for me and keeps my eyes looking fresh and hydrated. Such a great value!

  15. Lauren

    Winnipeg, MB

    Truly blown away

    I am truly blown away by how quickly I saw results after using this eye cream, I noticed a huge difference after only a couple of days. I used it in the morning and night and it left my under eye area completely hydrated and reduced puffiness. I found it worked well as a primer for concealer under my eyes too, which was nice because I could wear it all day.

  16. Louise

    Brisbane, Australia

    Excellent product

    I have been using this for a few years now and I find it's a great product. I'm 53 and I have no crows feet or puffy eyes. Excellent product

  17. Sammy

    Barrie, ON

    Great under eye cream!

    Great under eye cream! love this product it noticeably gets rid of puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. I use this product at night and in the morning and am so happy with the results I get. All you need is a tiny bit of this product and it works like magic. Would recommend eysilix ii to anyone!

  18. Holly

    North Bergen, NJ

    Perfect primer for my concealer

    I use this product every morning and every night and I LOVE it! It works really well to get rid of the puffiness and inflammation I get around my eyes and it also helps reduce my dark circles! My under eye concealer tends to make my skin dry, so eysilix II is the perfect primer for my concealer. It hydrates and smoothes out my skin so that my concealer goes on flawlessly without cracking. It's very light and non-greasy!

  19. Holly

    Newmarket, ON

    Very light and non-greasy!

    I use this product every morning and every night and I LOVE it! It works really well to get rid of the puffiness and inflammation I get around my eyes and it also helps reduce my dark circles! My under eye concealer tends to make my skin dry, so eysilix II is the perfect primer for my concealer. It hydrates and smoothes out my skin so that my concealer goes on flawlessly without cracking. It's very light and non-greasy!

  20. Raisa Berkowitz

    Mississauga, ON

    100% recommend!

    The BEST eye cream I have ever used. My under eye concealer tends to dry the skin under my eyes and after applying the tiniest amount of eyesilix under my concealer, my eyes were hydrated and smooth the whole day. They feel brighter and less heavy, ultimately making me feel more away! Never thought I could do that with an eye cream. Overall really happy with this product – would 100% recommend!

  21. Carly

    Toronto, ON

    Love this eye cream

    I love this eye cream. It goes on so smooth and is very light and non-greasy. It helped reduce puffiness and dark circles under my eyes and I use it daily now.

  22. Jo Anne (verified owner)

    Mississauga, ON

    Part of my daily routine

    Great eye cream, reduces lines and puffiness. Goes on easily and hydrates quickly. This is part of my daily routine.

  23. Monica

    Toronto, ON

    by far my favourite eye cream

    This is by far my favourite eye cream. Noticed a difference after a few days. Lines were less predominant. Silky application. I use it every night!

  24. Kylina (verified owner)

    Calgary, AB

    Really really like this one!

    I normally don't like eye creams and prefer eye serums, but I really really like this one! The texture is light and it leaves my under eye hydrated and helps with fine lines and puffiness. I highly recommend this product if you need hydration and help with lines, puffiness and dark circles.

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