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Dimitra's story

empowering people to showcase their own personal relationship with beauty

There is no one definition for beauty. That’s Dimitra Davidson’s philosophy and it shines through in every aspect of her game-changing skincare company. As the President & COO of Indeed Labs, Dimitra relishes the fact that the beauty industry has become a platform for people to feel empowered to showcase their own personal relationship with beauty. “That is what makes this industry beautiful—not the products!” she says.

Dimitra has mastered the idea of “undefining” the word beauty. It’s this philosophy and open-minded approach that has led her to develop effective, award-winning products that resonate with all consumers, everywhere.

Today Dimitra believes that being a leader in the beauty industry was her calling. At a very young age she made taking care of her skin a priority and the cornerstone of her self-care routine. But she is aware that bringing the best products to market is not just about her. That’s why Dimitra is committed to ongoing learning, research and asking tough questions to ensure that Indeed Labs is always using the best ingredients, maximizing their formulations, raising the bar and setting skincare trends to ensure that the best results are always achieved.

“I cannot” are words that simply aren’t in Dimitra’s vocabulary. That mentality has allowed her to soar above any and all challenges no matter what she has been faced with. After building an impressive career in finance and luxury sales, Dimitra pivoted into the beauty industry, proving her agility. As one of the original founding partners of Indeed Labs, Dimitra offered a unique perspective as a consumer who was frustrated with the industry's status quo at the time. A busy mother and businesswoman, Dimitra was looking for products to address her skin concerns. After extensive research and many trips down to the skincare aisle, she couldn’t find what she was looking for. So when her partners approached her about creating a targeted, honest and effective skincare line, she was apprehensive about not knowing the business but excited.

Indeed Labs has led the movement in bringing high-quality, effective, safe and affordable products to consumers, and today, Dimitra knows that healthy skin can be a reality for everyone. She is passionate about educating people and sharing information on maintaining good habits so that Indeed Labs can provide so much more than products.

Dimitra looks to her customers to direct the path of Indeed Labs, as their organic feedback helps the company innovate. As a result, many Indeed Labs products are conceived from filling a gap in the market and answering direct consumer requests.

As a leader, one of the many things that makes Dimitra unique is her ability to inspire her team. “The most rewarding part of my job is giving people the opportunity to grow, excel and be successful,” she says. “I love mentoring young professionals and seeing them thrive.”

Ongoing education is a critical part of the process for Dimitra. “The world changes so quickly; doing things right is an evolution—not a stagnant thing,” she says. An example of this is Indeed Labs' approach to recycled plastic, which often ends up in landfills because it's too expensive to recycle. To address this issue, Indeed Labs adopts a holistic strategy of reuse, reduction and repurposing. This philosophy extends into Dimitra's personal life as well.

For Dimitra, the highest honor of running Indeed Labs has been redefining what beauty is and celebrating it. “This industry has taught me so much and connected me with people all over the world,” she says. “Seeing a small brand like Indeed thriving, growing, inspiring people all over the globe and especially in such a competitive landscape is the greatest reward.”