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in-circadian night mask

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rejuvenating sleep mask

Inspired by skin’s natural circadian rhythm, this rejuvenating sleep mask works alongside skin’s natural regeneration process, all while you sleep. Activating specifically at night, this mask helps to promote cell regeneration, decrease water loss, and improve skin healing. Works to reduce dullness, dryness, puffiness, and dark circles, leaving your skin feeling refreshed when you wake. 

Step 4: Moisturize 


• Ideal for: dry, dull, uneven skin tone
• Hydrates and moisturises the skin
• Improves complexion and skin tone
• Defends against daily stressors that disrupt the skin’s natural circadian rhythm
• Decreases the appearance of facial puffiness and dark circles


• Brightening Peptide: Works at night to improve mitochondrial power to improve skin complexion, allowing you to wake up with radiant skin
• Lespedeza Capitata plant: fights the effects of skin damage caused by daily stressors which disrupt the skin’s circadian rhythm. Maintains the vital synchronization of the skin’s circadian cycle to rapidly improve complexion, decrease puffiness and reduce the appearance of dark circles.
• DURAQUENCH IQ SA: By creating a bilayer on the skin’s surface this active helps to hydrate skin for up to 72 hours. With continued use, skin will appear hydrated and glowing.

How to Use

Apply onto cleansed skin and massage until absorbed. For intense hydration, leave on overnight and rinse off in the AM. For instant hydration, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.