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microbiome essence

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hydrating microbiome-friendly essence

Consider this formula your skin’s daily source of nourishment, providing essential nutrients that feed skin’s friendly bacteria. This essence enhances hydration levels, improves skin elasticity, and preps skin to better absorb the other products in your routine. It also has the added benefit of postbiotic actives that protect the skin from harmful bacteria that causes acne and dryness. This silky, lightweight formula works overtime to strengthen skin’s natural defenses, leading to hydrated, smooth, and healthy skin. 

Note: The essence you receive is 90ml of formula. Our bottles are not filled to the top to minimize potential leaking or damage during transportation. 

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• Ideal for: all skin types
• Helps to balance skin’s microbiome for protection against harmful bacteria
• Revives dry, dull-looking skin
• Increases skin elasticity
• Improves absorption of other products
• Certified Microbiome Friendly


• Ferment Complex: A specialized blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids visibly improves skins moisture levels, texture, and suppleness.
• Seabiome: A marine postbiotic that balances the skin microbiome to improve barrier function. This prevents damage from environmental aggressors, reduces inflammation, and leads to a more even and radiant appearance.
• Cell-Activating Blend: By improving cells oxygen uptake by over 300%, skin cells have more energy and are able to turnover faster. This improves the look of tired and dull skin, reduces the look of redness, improves skin’s texture, and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Tamarind Seed: This polysaccharide complex helps to improve skin elasticity and hydration to decrease visible signs of aging and roughness.

How to Use

After toning in the morning and evening, gently shake the essence, dispense a dime-sized amount of the product onto a clean, dry hand, and press your palms together to wet both hands. Gently smooth and press over the face and neck, ensuring even coverage. Use the temperature of your palms and gently pat it into your skin for maximum absorption. Once fully absorbed, follow with your regular skincare routine.