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nanobronze™ bronzing drops

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tinted bronzing serum

Give your skin a sun-kissed glow, without the sun or the damage. This tinted serum combats dryness and dullness while providing an immediate and long-lasting bronzy glow. Natural pea, giant kelp, and cacao extracts work to reduce redness, protect skin from daily stressors, and enhance your tan while hyaluronic acid hydrates, plumps, and leaves skin glowing. Whether it’s a makeup day or not, nanobronze™ will give skin a natural sun-kissed finish. 

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• Ideal for: all skin types
• Provides an instant bronzy glow
• Protects skin from pollution and environmental stressors
• Reduces the appearance of redness over time
• Wash-off pigment (non-permanent)
• Easily blends with other products


• Pea Extract: Clinically proven tan enhancement effect for a healthy glow and radiant complexion.
• Cacao Seed Extract: Protects skin against blue light and environmental stressors.
• Hyaluronic Acid: Draws moisture to the skin and holds 1000x its weight in water helping skin to retain collagen, increase moisture, and enhance elasticity.
• Giant Kelp Extract: Helps to protect skin against the harmful effects of pollution, improve skin elasticity, and strengthen skin’s natural moisturising factor.

How to Use

Add 1 to 2 drops to your preferred moisturiser and apply to face. Increase the number of drops or use alone to intensify colour. May also be applied to chest, legs, or wherever you want a sun-kissed glow!