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Upgrade your skincare with Snoxin® II & Eysilix® II

The Evolution of Our Award-Winning Anti-Aging Formula’s

As science and technology continue to drive forward at rapid speeds, Indeed Labs™ drives along with it. We refuse to sit back and watch; science and technology is evolving, and so are we.

In 2011, we introduced Snoxin™, a state-of-the-art anti-aging formula that used snake venom and peptides to repair fine lines and wrinkles. Revolutionary for its time, but times have changed. In 2011, we were still renting DVD’s and Blu-ray’s, and calling individual restaurants to order-in food; Siri had just launched on the iPhone, and Snapchat ceased to exist.

In 2012, we launched Eysilix™, a fast acting peptide formula, for all under-eye concerns. Only a year had passed since the release of Snoxin™, but lots had changed. The world was finally introduced to LTE web browsing, we had our first look at 3D printers, and tested products like Google Glasses.

Now it’s 2017, and technology has reached unimaginable heights. In a world that’s now surrounded by virtual and augmented reality, and self-driving cars; we take a look back at Snoxin™ and Eysilix™ and acknowledge their greatness but recognize the ability to do better. Better ingredients, better results, and better science.

We’ve heard your demands, and compiled the latest scientific advancements, to present you with our newest evolutions: Snoxin II™ and Eysilix II™; upgraded to maximize power and master results.

What’s changed?

Snoxin II™:

This newly upgraded formula uses biometric neuropeptides and lipopeptides to provide optimal skin-cell renewal and revolutionary Botox like effects. Snoxin II™ doesn’t just rebuild collagen and elastin, but repairs your skins collagen II and IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, and laminin 5. With Snoxin II™, you’ll see instant results, with long lasting effects.

Eysilix II™:

This all-in-one under eye solution has been re-invented to truly provide rejuvenation in every way imaginable. This product includes an all new tetra peptide active to counteract slacking skin. It’s loaded with probiotics, AHA’s, and fast acting extracts like green tea, and pomegranate. Your skin will instantly de-puff, and your under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet will diminish. We even added a little caffeine to give your eyes that extra morning lift.

So please remember that times have changed, and so have we. Your cell phone isn’t ten years old, so why should your skincare be?